Where to Go Surf Africa?

Wonder where you should travel to surf Africa? Here you will find surf guides to 29 African countries on this map. Click on each country and find detailed travel information and a description of already known surfspots.

All countries are listed under the map with links (for mobile users).

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Morocco Surf Guide Western Sahara Surf Guide Mauritania Surf Guide Senegal Surf Guide Cape Verde Surf Guide The Gambia Surf Guide Guinea-Bissau Surf Guide Guinea Surf Guide Sierra Leone Surf Guide Liberia Surf Guide Ivory Coast Surf Guide Ghana Surf Guide Togo Surf Guide Benin Surf Guide Nigeria Surf Guide Cameroon Surf Guide São Tomé & Príncipe Surf Guide Equatorial Guinea Surf Guide Gabon Surf Guide Congo Surf Guide DR Congo Surf Guide Angola Surf Guide Namibia Surf Guide South Africa Surf Guide Mozambique Surf Guide Madagascar Surf Guide Tanzania Surf Guide Kenya Surf Guide Somalia Surf Guide

Surf Guide Africa:

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Africa changes

We always try to have the latest information on this website, but remember that all the information on this website is subject to change. In many African countries things change – mostly for the better but sadly sometimes also for the worse. We do recommend that you check the links which you will find in each country guide to get the latest information and updates before your departure.

We wish you a safe and adventurous travel – GoSurfAfrica.com.