Mauritania Surf Guide

Here is your Mauritania surf guide. Mauritania is not visited by many surfers and if travellers comes by they might just be drivin’ thru’. But if you are drivin’ thru’ Mauritania on your way from the breaks in Western Sahara to the breaks in Senegal – do stop because this really ia a place to see. Not only for the beautiful deserts and rocky landscapes but also for the secluded surf.

There can be some tension between the two main groups, the arabs and the blacks, but little has happened lately and foreigners are unlikely to be tucked into this struggle.

The Waves in Mauritania

Sadly there is no reported spots in Mauritania but situated between Senegal and Western Sahara with Morocco even further north you can just imagine what kind of beautiful waves the travelling surfers can stumble upon here. Just see this article from Mauritania in Surfers Mag for instance.

The best time to visit should be from October to February and make sure to bring your wetsuit as the water temperature can drop to 10 Celsius though the average temperature is much higher.

Look out for…

You should have no problem travelling through Mauritania just as long as you bring your wetsuit for the cold water. And keep in mind that you are travelling through a muslim country. Be respectful and don’t show bare knees or shoulders in public.

Visa to Mauritania

You will need a visa, but there are hardly any Mauritanian embassies around. You can try the French embassy near. It is much cheaper to fly to either Morocco or Dakar in Senegal from where you can head to Mauritania overland and get your vise at the border.

Mauritania Surf Spots:

There is no reported surf spots in Mauritania, yet. But as mentioned  you are sure to find world class surf here. Just go explore and be sure to report back to when you get back:


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