Mozambique Surf Guide

Here is your Mozambique surf guide. Surfing is up and coming in Mozambique which also is a beautiful country that has suffered much from conflicts in the past. But Mozambique has been quite stable over the last many years and that fact has now started to attract visitors.

With a coast line that hasn’t really been explored except the areas around Imhambane and the famous Ponta d’Ouro just north of the border to South Africa, this really is a country for surfers to explore now.

Your Mozambique Surf Guide

The best time to visit Mozambique with your surfboard is in June, July and August, but great swell hits the coast from February through to October. Only drag is the on shore wind that blows pretty often outside the main season.

You will need a springsuit in the surf season but you can get along just fine in your board shorts from February to May. With only the fast, hollow waves in Inhambane and Ponta d’Ouro already mapped, there is plenty of coast left to go explore. You will find other world class breaks elsewhere.

There is a few surf camps and tour operators around. Check out Ticket To Ride Travel or Turtle Cove if you want someone to show you around. For more info about Tofo, check out

Snorkel in the Bays

If the onshore wind gets to strong or you just need a break from the pumping surf, you should also bring your snorkel equipment as the clear water and the sheltered bays all along the white coast in Mozambique offers great snorkeling opportunities.

Look out for…

Malaria is a risk here, and also HIV/AIDS is a big problem in Mozambique but it should be unnecessary to warn surfing travelers about that risk – right!?

Visa to Mozambique

You need a visa to enter Mozambique, except residents of some southern African countries. You should be able to buy the visa on arrival, but check the current situation before you go.

Mozambique Surf Spots:

Barra Beach: At Inhambane you find a nice beach break at the end of the long sand pit. One of the only places you most often find offshore breaks as this is facing NNE

Guinjala Bay: Another point break is situated in Guinjala Bay on the east coast 20 kilometers south of Inhambane near Praia de Jangamo.

Tofinho: In the southern end of the eastward beach in Praia Tofo just east of Inhambane you find this point break. It is the break at the small point. Don’t surf the point in the beginning of the bay as there is rock right underneath the surface there

Ponta d’Ouro: This point break 150 kilometers south of Maputo offers long world class surf when working. Just be careful about the rips. Low tide doesn’t seem to work but any other time it is often pumping consistently.


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