About GoSurfAfrica.com

Let us tell you about GoSurfAfrica.com. This site is your free surf guide to Africa. A great place to start planning your next surf trip to Africa.

GoSurfAfrica.com is a non-profit-organization and no-strings-attached surf guide to Africa. Our main goal is to have more people explore Africa as a surf destination.

Only few surfers go surf Africa today, but that is a shame. Because Africa has a unique coastline with heaps of unexplored, perfect breaks. A true paradise for the adventurous surfer. On GoSurfAfrica.com you will find information about each country and some of the many possibilities for surfing in Africa. You’ll also find information about how, where and when to go. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy surfing Africa!

To support the cause please write us at contact@gosurfafrica.com. This is where you’ll get the GoSurfAfrica.com Stickers and T-shirts as well.

GoSurfAfrica.com – Our Mission

For every surfer who travel to Africa, money will be spend directly in the rural areas where you find most of the surf breaks. Research has shown that this is far better than donations for development as the money not only ends up in the right pockets, but at the same time the money are building a demand for constructive employment in a tourism industry in the making.

Like Bali some 30-40 years ago, there is now little to no tourism along most of the beautiful African coastline. Balis now pumping tourism industry started as aussie surfers discovered the unique waves of this small Indonesian island. Their visits made the foundation for the tourism we know today – a tourism that brings money and prosperity to this otherwise poor part of the world.

The goal for GoSurfAfrica.com is to make surfers around the world realise the surf potential in Africa – and ofcourse to Go Surf Africa. If we succeed, we will create an unique possibility to nourish a sustainable development through tourism in Africa. With that in mind, we can only recommend you to Go Surf Africa. Not just for the adventure and the surf, but also for the development of Africa.

What better way to create a sustainable and positive development than through surfing the great waves of Africa. Go explore. Go have fun. GoSurfAfrica!

When do you want to go surf Africa?

Shredding regards,
Mads Pedersen, founder of GoSurfAfrica.com.