Somalia Surf Guide

Somalia surf is totally unexplored, because this country is mostly known for piracy, war, poverty and general instability. This makes Somalia unsafe for travels as you will need to hire a group of armed bodyguards to travel around in this country if you don’t want to be kidnapped.

Keep in mind that this country should still offer good waves whenever peace and prosperity will come – hopefully some time soon.

The Somalia surf

Only a few waves are mapped so far, as very few ventures out here just for the pleasure of surfing. Here at GosurfAfrica we sure are looking forward to a peaceful Somalia as that will make it possible to explore the coasts.

Piracy and Surf in Somalia

Most people know Somalia as the land of modern day piracy. A life without other possibilities to survive than piracy is reality in large part of the Somalian fishing villages as their fishing fleet and equipment has been destroyed by western fishermen.

Poor people eiving in an arid country and now without fishing equipment these poor people are left with the option to do piracy or to starve – some have chosen the illegal path.

Look out for…

In general GoSurfAfrica advice you not to go before the situation in Somalia has stabilized. If you are in the area and want to surf, go to Kenya.

If you decide to go, also beware of the risk of getting Malaria.

Visa to Somalia

You need a visa to enter Somalia and you can not buy it at the Airport. You can purchase a visa at the embassy in the UK or in USA. Otherwise the embassy in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia is worth a try.

Somalia Surf Spots:

Mogadishu Beach: You’ll find several beach breaks along the coast out of Mogadishu. But it is not safe to go here at the moment.

Pirights: On the Xaafuun Peninsula just south of the tip of The Horn of Africa you will find this perfect wave. It is hard to get to and you need to hire a boat. Unrest in the area makes this an unwise surf trip at the moment.


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