Senegal Surf Guide

You just have to try the Senegal surf! Senegal is famous as the first stop on The Endless Summer, and Dakar is one of the better known areas for surfing in Africa. But that does not result in crowded waves.

This is an easy going country where you as a traveller will have no problems getting around. That is, if you decide to leave Dakar and the Almedies Peninsula at all, as this is the place you’ll find most known surf spots.

Do travel either north or south if you have the adventure in you. There are great breaks along the coasts as well, especially to the south toward the Sine Saloum Delta. And you sure will meet a lot of smiles on your way.

The Senegal Surf

The place to be in Senegal is on the Almedies Peninsula just north of Dakar right next to the airport. In the Senegal surf you’ll find a range of breaks that work in most swell and wind direction.

There is a few surf camps here, one situated on the N’Gor Island with the consistent N’Gor Right as maybe the most famous break of them all, as this was the break surfed in The Endless Summer.

The Senegal surf is super consistent from September to March with the better months running from November to February. We have often had reports about consistency and great waves outside this season though – so don’t hesitate to go.

You can go with your spring suit in the first few months of the season but you will need a full wetsuit later on from November and onwards, as the water temperature can go below 20 Celsius.

Surf camps in Senegal

There is a small but growing surfing community in Senegal, but the locals are super friendly. You are definitely most likely to experience smiles understanding and free insider guidance from all the local surfers who surfs, hangs out, plays music and dances at some of the surf spots on the peninsula.
Also you find a couple of surf camps here. One ( is even situated on the easy going N’Gor Island just a short walk from the often pumping N’Gor Right. Find links here:

Look out for…

Not much to look out for here in Senegal. A few years back there was some tension in the southern part of Senegal below The Gambia, but that should not be a problem anymore. If you go here ask around about the situation before you go.

Also beware of the risk of getting Malaria.

Visa to Senegal

It is no longer necessary to obtain a visa for traveling to Senegal. You will just get a stamp in your passport upon arrival.

Senegal Surf Spots:

N’Gor Right and Left: On either side of N’Gor Island the N’Gor Right is probably the most consistent quality wave around. But watch out we have seen many a surfer getting addicted to this wave and it is pretty costly to go back here two, three, four times or more a year. When the left is on, it offers a very long smooth ride almost all the way to the mainland.
Secret Spot: Not as secret as the little café at the spot on the southern side of the Almedies Peninsula has a big blue sign directing you to “Secret Spot”. This place is often small but clean. But go for the good vibe at the café with drums, singing and happy times all day long. Watch out for the sea urchins when you go in and out.
Ouakam: When on, this is one of the most fun waves around as it is perfect for barrels. Ask the locals or at the surf camps when to go – they will know and they will tell you.
Vivier: Just next to Secret Spot, Vivier offers a nice wave with two sections good for barrels. If you go on the inside, you must know what you are doing, as the break gets pretty close to the rocks here. Or else just go with the second section and get tubed here.
Yoff Beach: On the northern side of the peninsula, this beach offers great waves for beginners. Take your first surfing lessons here.


Senegal Links:

After your visit to Senegal please report back to and let your experiences and photos benefit later surf explorers. Also contact us if you need more information about surfing in Senegal and we will try to help you and answer all your questions: