Sierra Leone Surf Guide

You might want to experience the Sierra Leone surf where a new surf club has been born at Bureh Beach. Sierra Leone is today a peaceful country, as the horrifying civil war ended in 2002. That makes this West African country a good place to visit. Especially if you want to explore the surf where only few other travellers have ever been.

Still Sierra Leone is a very poor county where you are not gonna find much infrastructure to take you around. If you do decide to go, you will find some beautiful white and palm fringed beaches all along the coast that sucks up much of the swell from the Atlantic Ocean.

The Sierra Leone Surf

Only few travellers, or surfers for that matter, have travelled through Sierra Leone. That leaves a whole lot of coastline unexplored.

Sierra Leone is located in between Senegal and Liberia where you find world class waves. So, there should be some powerful and fun waves along these coasts as well. You get the bigger swells here from March to October. And you should not have to surf in anything but your board shorts to keep warm.

Look out for…

Beware of the risk of getting Malaria in this part of Africa.

Visa to Sierra Leone

You will need to get a visa in advance to go to Sierra Leone. Most embassies ask for at hotel reservation and a plane ticket in and out of the country before they will let you have a visa. It varies from embassy to embassy so find out where your nearest embassy stands on this particular matter.

Or else you can fly to Liberia, which just might be cheaper anyway, and go to Sierra Leone over land after getting your visa in Monrovia.

Sierra Leone Surf Spots:

River No. 2: Just south of Freetown you will find a nice beach break at River No. 2.  It is a good spot for beginners, and experienced surfers will have fun here as well when the bigger swells are on. Go check out the surf from Freetown, if the waves a bad just hang out on the beautiful beach and grab a bite to eat at the cozy restaurant.

Bureh Beach: This is where you find the new Bureh Beach Surf Club. It is 5 kilometer north of Kent waves break of the river mouth here as well. Here you might find some local kids who surf and there is a nice vibe on the beach. As at almost any other beach joints, do order your meals well in advance if you plan to eat here as it can take an awful lot of time to cook even the simplest meals.

Sulima: Another beach break at a river mouth you will find in Sulima, a good 10 hour drive from Freetown. Do make sure to talk to the locals before you hit the beach as they are very suspicious of visitors.

Aberdeen: At the Aberdeen point in NW Freetwon you find this surf spot. Don’t leave anything unattended on the beach here as it will disappear in seconds.


Sierra Leone Links:

Bureh Beach Surf Club (Facebook)

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