Liberia Surf Guide

You might have seen video from the Liberian waves, but here is your Liberia surf guide. Liberia is a tropic county with a beautiful SW coast to the Atlantic Ocean and that means a lot of waves and surf.

Sadly though, the country have been struggling with civil war all up till 2003. Now the country seems to be on a safe path moving steadily forward.

Still there is not much infrastructure to accommodate tourism in Liberia, but on the plus side there is a lot of surfable points, reefs and beaches that needs to be discovered. So what are you waiting for, go surf Liberia.

Your Liberia Surf Guide

Warm water, sweet barrels and friendly locals who are still licking their wounds after having suffered from decades of civil war, plundering and child soldiers. That is what you’ll find in Liberia. And just now might be the best time to visit ever, as the world sure soon will open its eyes for the perfect waves of Liberia.

You should be able to find empty or at least small line-ups in the Liberia surf, but we at sure think that will change anytime soon. As more and more surfers are realizing the surf potential in Africa and Liberia in particular.

In Liberia you can find decent swell between May and all through to October and even making it all the time in just your board shorts. The peak months where you will have the most consistency will be in from April to August.

Sliding Liberia

The much talked of surf movie, Sliding Liberia, has already put Liberia on the surfers map, but still not many dig into the surf adventures of this West African surfing paradise.

Buy the movie or watch the clips on Youtube and you sure will feel the urge to go to Liberia right away. It might be the next big thing in the surfing world. Or at least for African surfing.

Surf Camps in Liberia

In Robertsport you can stay at Kwepunha Retreat which is a sustainable surf project working with the local community.

Look out for…

It should be safe to travel through Liberia, but the wounds from the civil war are still healing so beware. Also it can get quite wet during the main surf season so prepare for some heavy rainfalls.

Also check the risk of Malaria with your doctor.

Visa to Liberia

Get your visa in advance from your nearest embassy. Don’t show up without. The cost will vary from country to country.

Liberia Surf Spots:

Dorothy: In Monrovia just behind Capitol Hill you find Dorthy breaking around a point just north of Mamba Beach. The beach is used as a garbage bin for the locals so don’t think too much about water quality here.

Fisherman: Fun waves breaking 10 kilometers south of Monrovia in a small fishing village. Surf the diverse waves that sometimes, in the right conditions, gets nice and hollow and eat all you can lobster or swordfish afterward. A Perfect daytrip from Monrovia.

8th Street: On the beach at 8th Street in Monrovia the beach life is hectic. Washing, shitting, and building – everything goes on here – also the surf. Here you’ll find a fun beach break and sure you will get a crowd following you from the beach cheering on you.

Mamba Beach: The SSW beach behind Capitol Hill is called Mamba Beach and here you’ll have a nice beach break. You’ll find the better surf in front of Mamba Point Hotel.

Robertsport: 70 Kilometers north of Monrovia is the place to be if you want to experience the Liberia surf. Spots around Robertsport can hold up well overhead swells as well as work when the swell is too small for the other places around. You find point break Cassava on the westernmost point SW of Robertsport and just before that you have Cotton Tree which is a long left on good days or a couple of nice lefts on not so good days. Locals might ask for money for you using the beach.

South of Monrovia: There have been some reports of point and beach breaks all along the coast south of Monrovia as well. Check them out on the links below or go explore yourself.


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