Gabon Surf Guide

The Gabon surf is not a big thing, yet. But you will find great surf and it sure is a beutiful place. 10 percent of Gabon is national parks and that says something about the beauty of this country. White beaches, lush jungle and a well-functioning infrastructure make this an easy retreat in Africa.

With an eastward coast it sure is possible to surf here as well, even though the swell size rarely impresses.

The Waves in Gabon

You can surf here from April and through to October but the swell rarely exceeds 5 feet with the better and biggest months being June to September. The good thing is that there rarely is any wind, so whatever swell hits the coast won’t be blown out.

The water is warm and you can surf in your board shorts year round here.

Look out for…

Elephants and hippos roam some of the beaches here, so beware as the hippo actually is the one animal that kills most people in Africa each year – and it runs pretty fast too.

Also beware of the risk of getting Malaria.

Visa to Gabon

You need a visa in advance and it is rather costly – more than 80 EUR or 100 USD for most residents outside Africa. If you don’t travel directly to Gabon you can get your visa in a neighboring country and save a few bucks.

Gabon Surf Spots:

Gombé: On the northern tip of the peninsula across the bay from Libreville you will find this left hand reef break. Watch out for the rocks underneath.

Cap Lopez and Palmplanche: There is a left hand beach break at Palmplanche. To get here you’ll have to drive by car to Cap Lopez where you will find a heavy reef break. Continue to Village des Togolais and you will have a fun beach break.

Guegue: Just on the northern outskirts of Libreville you’ll find this beach break, Guegue.


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