Equatorial Guinea Surf Guide

Known for its dictator rather than surfing this country is led by one of the most feared dictators in the world, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. Even though it has a huge oil reserve most of the population is kept en deep poverty.

All things aside, this is a beautiful spot to visit even though.

The Waves in Equatorial Guinea

No reported surf spots here, yet. But there should be a lot of opportunities if you just take a look on rugged coastline on a map, use your experience and imagination. Check out Google Earth for instance.

Look out for…

This is a corrupt country and GoSurfAfrica.com recommend some experience with travelling in Africa before a visit to Equatorial Guinea.

Also beware of the risk of getting Malaria.

Visa to Equatorial Guinea

Different rule apply depending on which embassy you are trying to get your visa. Some require letters of invitation and confirmed itineraries, others don’t. Americans should have no worries though, as visa at the time of writing for Americans was not necessary.

Equatorial Guinea Surf Spots:

No recorded surf spots yet. But there should be heaps of opportunities if you are up for the adventure.


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After your visit to Equatorial Guinea please report back to GoSurfAfrica.com and let your experiences and photos benefit later surf explorers. Also contact us if you need more information about surfing in Equatorial Guinea and we will try to help you and answer all your questions:contact@gosurfafrica.com.