DR Congo Surf Guide

For surfing in this huge country in the heart of Africa there is not much to explore. Only a small coastline with no reported surf spots so far.

The country formerly known as Zaïre has a rough history. And only in the very recent years positive development has been registered. But there is still a long way to go for the country.

Travelling around the country will be a challenge in itself and only for the experienced Africa traveller

The Waves in the Democratic Republic of Congo

GoSurfAfrica.com has no records of surfable breaks in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But do not hesitate to go explore the little coast if you are in the area (Angola or Congo), and do report back to us after your trip to Africa: contact@gosurfafrica.com.

Look out for…

Be sure to make a thorough research before planing your trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo. There is still unrest in different parts of the country.

Also beware of the risk of getting Malaria.

Visa to the Democratic Republic of Congo

You are required to obtain your visa before arrival even though it can be hard to do.

If you cannot get a visa prior to your arrival your best option is to arrive in one of the neighboring countries and try the crossing the border over land. Then you can turn around and come back the next day if you don’t succeed.

The Democratic Republic of Congo Surf Spots:

No reported surf spots yet.


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After your visit to The Democratic Republic of Congo please report back to GoSurfAfrica.com. Let your experiences an photos benefit later surf explorers. Also contact us if you need more information about surfing in The Democratic Republic of Congo. We will try to help you and answer all your questions: contact@gosurfafrica.com.