Ghana Surf Guide

Ghana is a great place to surf and here is your Ghana surf guide. Ghana is a perfect choice for your surf holiday in Africa. It is easy to get around, you’ll find lots of surf spots and even a few surf shops in Busua, just west of Takoradi.

It is one of the cheapest countries to fly to as Accra serves as a hub for travels to large part of the continent and West Africa in particular.

The country has been in a positive development in decades and the infrastructure is well functioning. All the way between the neighbouring Ivory Coast and Togo.

The Waves in Ghana

You can surf in Ghana year round with the best months running from April through to August. Here you will find clean point breaks as well as fun beach breaks all along the coast.

The water will be warm enough for surfing in board shorts all year round as well.

There really isn’t anything to complain about when it comes to surfing in Ghana. The place to start could be in Busua. Check out Mr. Brights Surf School or Ahanta Surf.

Look out for…

There are not many hazards in Ghana. Just travel smart and don’t flash neither money or expensive clothes, sunglasses etc. and you should be perfectly fine.

Beware of strong currents at many beach breaks though. Also remember your Malaria pills.

Visa to Ghana

Get your visa in advance from the nearest embassy.

Ghana Surf Spots:

Black Mamba: Breaking from the point out of the western side of the beach in Busua. This is a nice smooth righthander which work surprisingly often as it is well sheltered. Paddle out, go rock hopping or tip a local fisherman to sail you out

Busua Beach: Nice spot for beginners and super fun beach break when the bigger swells rolls in. Nice atmosphere just in front of the Black Star Surf Shop.

Gomoa Feteh:  1h30 drive from Accra do West. When pumping, the wave starts breaking right in front off White Sands Resort and the wave can be 1km long. Crazy wave. Easy to find the place.

Kokrobite: A perfect getaway if you are staying in Accra. Here you find a short, heavy mushy wave but it can be fun and a nice place if you want to escape from Accra. For better surf go west.

Achenim: Nice day trip from Busua. You drive to Achenim and park here. Cross the bridge on foot and take the short hike through forest and rocks past one cove. At the second cove you’ll find a nice beach break which is pretty consistent. Ask at the surf shop in Busua if you’re in doubt.

Find lots of other surf breaks through the links below. Or just go surf Ghana.


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