Cameroon Surf Guide

Here is your Cameroon Surf Guide. Surfers have not yet discovered Cameroon which has been stable for many years and that means you have a very well-functioning infrastructure in African standards.

Cameroon also has an ok industry that keeps the population from being amongst the poorest in Africa. Therefore you will have little trouble travelling through Cameroon, even if this is your first visit to Africa.

The Waves in Cameroon

There is not many mapped surf spots in Cameroon, but the location in the corner of the Gulf of Guinea should be able to attract some decent swell.

That makes Cameroon a perfect place to go and explore new surf territory and what you will find here is most likely to be beach breaks.

Cameroon has it all

To many people Cameroon is a representative for the entire African continent. This country has it all, volcanoes, jungle, rivers, pygmies, yellow grassland and that rhythmic culture that is so typical African. To experience a true piece of Africa which is easy accessible – do go to Cameroon.

Look out for…

Not much to look out for in Cameroon as this is a fairly well functioning country. Just keep in mind that the beach breaks around here can be pretty rough with rips and undertows.

Also beware of the risk of getting Malaria here in the tropic Africa.

Visa to Cameroon

You will need a visa in advance and you can get it on the nearest embassy. You probably have to show a return plane ticket, a hotel reservation and the embassy might even ask you to prove that you have the funds to support you on the entire trip.

Cameroon Surf Spots:

Limbe: Just Northwest of Douala you have Limbe and around here you should be able to find decent surf. At Mile 6 Beach and Seme Beach there is already mapped a few spots.

Kribi: At Tara Plage south of Kribi you find a fun beach break. This is where you’ll might just run into one or two local surfers in Cameroon but a heavy line-up is very unlikely.


Cameroon Links:

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