Madagascar Surf Guide

Great Madagascar Surf Guide for you:

Surf is up on Madgascar which is also frequented by a lot of other visitors coming to see the unique biodiversity on the island.

This huge island is the fourth biggest in the world and you can imagine how much coastline that means. Situated in the Indian Ocean as well that means lots of opportunities for surfing – both explored and so far unexplored.

The Waves in Madagascar

There is four corners of Madagascar where you’ll find mapped surf spots. On the SW and on the SE corner of the island as well as at the northernmost point and the corner in NW.

As a rule of thumb you will find good swell all these places from April to October. Board shorts should be sufficient in the first half of the season, but you might need a shortie in the last part.

Situated in the Indian Ocean and with a rugged coastline it is almost needless to say, you will find epic waves here in Madagascar. Go to the already known surf areas or go explore the coast.

Madagascar Surfari

There are a couple of surf camps in Madagascar already. This doesn’t mean the territory has been explored at all. There is still plenty of coastline to check and most of the time you will be the only one in the water or even the first to surf the breaks.

You might want to check out Madagascar Surf Resort or Madagascar Surf Tours if you want someone to show you around.

Also if kite surfing is your thing, you sure will find lots of opportunities here in Madagascar.

Look out for…

Maybe because of the renowned sharky surf spots Madagascar has not yet reached its potential as a world class surf country. So do be aware of sharks wherever you go surfing here.

Read more about how to avoid sharks.

Also beware of the risk of getting Malaria in Madagascar.

Visa to Madagascar

Everybody needs a visa to enter Madagascar. Get one in advance at the embassy nearest you or you can buy a one month single entry visa on arrival. But do check the current situation before you go as rules can change.

Madagascar Surf Spots:

The South West/Vezo Reef: Just south of Toliara around the village of Anakao you will find lots of spots that works in swells from the south which most often is on from April to May. Spots like Flameballs, Jelly Babies and Pousse Pousse. Check it out on the links below.

The South East: Tôlanaro in SE Madagascar is the place to be if you want to surf this corner of Madagascars known surf spots. All around this rocky peninsula you will find spots like Monseigneur Bay, Baie de Galion, Baie des Singes, Vinanibe Lake and Libanona. Look them up on the links below. Main swell season here is April to August.

North/Antisiranana: With E or NE swell you might find breaks working in northern Madagascar around the village of Antisiranana. There is only one recorded spot yet though and that you’ll find on almost at the northernmost point of Madagascar but on the eastern side, mostly working from May through to October.

North East/Toamasina: On the Toamasina Coast you will find breaks on the east coast of the Masoloa National Park peninsula. Further south at Mahambo you will find a nice hollow wave that breaks pretty close to the reef though. Go explore this coast as there certainly is more to discover here. Just look out for the sharks – swimming is banned here because of the danger.


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