Guinea-Bissau Surf Guide

A Guinea-Bissau surf guide:
Guinea-Bissau has an awful story. An intense struggle for independence and a political situation that has never really calmed down. If you decide to go here, you will come back with a beautiful memory of the long white coastline, lush forests inland and of course, the very nice and welcoming people of Guinea-Bissau.

The Waves in Guinea-Bissau

There is no reported surfable breaks in Guinea-Bissau. If you want to be the first to go here recommend that you have plenty of experience with surfing and travelling in Sub Saharan Africa.

According to the swell charts you should be able to find surfable waves here year round though the months from June through till August might not be as good as you have to depend on a SW swell.

Look out for…

Make sure to check up on the political situation in Guinea-Bissau before you go here. If you want any assistance planning your trip don’t hesitate to contact and we will do whatever we can to help you:

Also beware of the risk of getting Malaria in Guinea-Bissau.

Visa to Guinea-Bissau

Sometimes you can get your visa at the border, but don’t count on it. Get your visa in advance at your nearest embassy – it will set you back around 50 euros.

Guinea-Bissau Surf Spots:

There are no recorded surf spots here, yet. So dare the explorer in your heart and go surf Guinea-Bissau. Share your information with other surfers by writing to


Guinea-Bissau Links:

After your visit to Guinea-Bissau please report back to and let your experiences and photos benefit later surf explorers. Also contact us if you need more information about surfing in Guinea-Bissau and we will try to help you and answer all your questions: