Guinea Surf Guide

A Guinea Surf Guide for you: Beutiful mountains, lush jungle and a long scenic coastline is on offer in Guinea. But still little to no visitors go here and therefore the country also lacks a tourist infrastructure. Travelling through Guinea might be a struggle, but sure it will also be a rewarding struggle.

What surf you might find can only guess, as there has been no reports from this country. Situated just south of Senegal with its legendary N’Gor Island breaks, it seems very likely to be great waves to throw yourself into here in Guinea.

If you decide to go, you are in for a true adventure and do make sure to report back to so your valued experiences can benefit other surfers and Guinea. The country is by the way also known under the name Guinea-Conakry not to be mistaken for its neighbor Guinea-Bissau.

The Waves in Guinea

There has been no reports of mapped breaks in Guinea. But that does not mean there is no surf here. Go surf Guinea and be the one to explore this new surfing territory. And remember to report back to at

According to the swell charts you should be able to find surfable waves here year round though the months from June through to August might not be as good as you have to depend on a rare SW swell.

Look out for…

Guinea has for decades been a peaceful country only to be overshadowed by some military coups, the latest in 2008. In 2010 the Guineans had their first free democratic election and the country seems to be on a safe path forward. Do check the situation before you go though.

Also beware of the risk of getting Malaria i West Africa.

Visa to Guinea

There is no way you can obtain a visa on arrival or at the border. You have to get it before arriving to Guinea from your nearest embassy.

Guinea Surf Spots:

There is no recorded surf spots in Guinea so you can be the first to go surf Guinea. Share your information with other surfers and help build a brighter future for Guinea by sharing your experience here on


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After your visit to Guinea please report back to and let your experiences and photos benefit later surf explorers. Also contact us if you need more information about surfing in Guinea and we will try to help you and answer all your questions: