South Africa Surf Guide

The South Africa surf is well known around the world, and this is a true surfer nation. That makes Southern Africa a great destination for your next surf trip.

Even though South Africa has a terrible past with the apartheid regime, the country today is one of the richest and most opportune countries on the entire continent. When that is said, there are still a lot of problems with uneducated people, poverty and crime many places in this country.

The South Africa surf

You sure will find world class waves in South Africa where a quite a few competitions are held each year as well. Some of the best surfers in the world also come from South Africa and many pros go here to practice when the swell is on.

That means that you often will find a crowded line-up, especially on the more known spots around J-Bay, Durban and Cape Town. With that said, you will find good waves here, if you decide to go. You will find the better waves along the shores of South Africa from February through to November.

You can enjoy the South Africa surf in board shorts in the first months of the season many places but later on you will have to wear a spring suit.

South Africa Surf Camps

Surfing is big in South Africa and you will find several surf camps along these coasts. See the following links:

Look out for…

In South Africa you have to beware of the criminality even though the community some places look quite prosperous there sure is a lot of poverty as well. Also look out for sharks, so ask around.

One of the downsides of South Africa is the crowds in the water at the good spots. To avoid those crowds consider to go to Mozambique or Namibia.

Also beware of the risk of getting Malaria. Talk to your own doctor and read more under “Avoid Malaria“.

Visa to South Africa

Most residents of Western Europe the UK, Australia, Japan, USA, Canada and others don’t need a visa in advance and the visa on arrival is free if you plan to stay less than 90 days. Do check the rules before you go as this might change in the near future.

South Africa Surf Spots:

The Cape Peninsula: You will find a lot of surf spots around the Peninsula of Cape Town. Here you will find spots of different qualities and the swell is almost always on somewhere as the peninsula is exposed to several sides.

Garden Route: On the coast between Cape Town and Port Elizabth (J-Bay) you find a cluster of point breaks – a perfect place to go explore all the small bays and find perfect waves. Stop over at J-Bay when you have finished the tour and surf one of the most classic waves in the world – but prepare for a crowd if the swell is on.

Eastcoast: From Durban and north you will find point, beach and reef breaks to suit every level of surfing – perfect place to go on a drive through surf trip. And do head further north to Mozambique if you go here. If you find your cheap plane ticket to Johannesburg the east coast will be the closest breaks you’ll find.


South Africa Links:

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