First Aid Kit

Bring a first aid kit on your surf trip to Africa. Not just surfing in Africa but surfing in general is a sport where you will risk getting hurt – might even pretty bad.

Especially when you find many surfspots in rural areas far away from hospital and medical services you ought to be prepared to handle the situations that might occur entirely on your own. That including traveling in small groups where everybody knows basic first aid and of course bringing a travel size first aid kit.

First Aid Check List recommends that your first aid kit as a minimum contains these items:

  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Chlorhexidine (or iodine, but that stains like hell)
  • Steri-strips (for closing bigger wounds)
  • Wound dressing
  • Bandages or sterile gauze
  • Band aids in all sizes
  • Medical tape
  • Pain killers
  • Clean cotton clothes
  • Scissors (stainless and clean)
  • Tweezers (Stainless and clean)
  • Medicine required for your region (e.g. for treatment of Malaria)

Also, recommend that you always know how to get to the nearest hospital or medical attention before you go plunge into the waves. That kind of research can be hard to do standing on an empty, remote beach with a serious injury.

When that is said, take care and you will probably be fine as most other surfers exploring Africa.