Travel Tips to Africa

Collect great travel tips to Africa right here. Africa is a pleasant continent to visit even thoug development is slow at some places. Friendly locals beautiful nature and great waves easily makes up for that though, and most people going to Africa ends up coming back again and again.

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8 Tips to Cheap Flights

  1. Fly from or via Europa. This is where you’ll find the cheapest tickets to Africa.
  2. Fly from airports like Heathrow, Amsterdam, Paris and Lisbon, as this is from where you will find the cheapest tickets.
  3. The cheapest destinations in Africa are Accra (Ghana), Dakar (Senegal), Johannesburg (South Africa), Agadir (Morocco) and Sal (Cape Verde).
  4. Book your ticket well in advance as prices often rise closer to departure.
  5. Be flexible and check other available travel dates in the given period.
  6. Use a search engine to compare prices (e.g.
  7. Consider flying to a regional hub (see 3.) and continue your travels over land.
  8. Accept that you might still have to pay a relatively high price for your ticket. But keep in mind that it will be well worth the money spend.