Togo Surf Guide

Here is your Togo surf Guide. If you want to surf and travel off the beaten track, Togo is the place for you. Here you’ll find beautiful beaches all along the narrow coast of Togo. This is for many visitors an untouched tropical paradise. And best of all, you will find great surf on these shores.

The Waves in Togo

You will find great opportunities for surfing along the short coast of Togo and you can surf in your board shorts here year round. The main swell season is from April to November with the better months from July through to October.

Check out Ghana and Benin

If you are here to surf you might want to visit the neighboring Benin and Ghana. Her you sure will find excellent surf and the infrastructure along the coastline is smooth. In Busua, Ghana, you also find the only surf shop around in this part of Africa.

Look out for…

Not much to look out for in Togo. Just keep in mind that there might be a heavy undertow at some beach breaks. Remember to take your Malaria medicine.

Visa to Togo

Everybody but Ecowas-members need a visa, but it is possible to buy at the airport – so no need to worry about that before you get here. One week visas are 10.000 CFA and are issued at most major border posts and airports.

Togo Surf Spots:

You’ll find surf spots all along the coats, but  the better places are where man made strucktures makes sand banks along the coast. Mapped spots include Lome-Rivage just east of Lomé and Anecho further to the east toward Benin.

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