The Gambia Surf Guide

The Gambia surf is not known and there is never many people in the line-up here, as most visitors come to experience a tropical paradise with white beaches backed by lush, green jungle.

This paradise has attracted quite a few visitors and that makes the Gambia a good country to travel through as the locals are used to visitors, and as there is a good infrastructure along the coast.

Only few people go here to surf, but the Gambia do offer a great variety of waves nestled on the West African Coast with the pumping Atlantic Ocean to the west and the country of Senegal surrounding it on all other sides.

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The Gambia surf scene

Located just south of the Almadies Peninsula in Senegal, the Gambia should get its fair share of surfable waves. Most mapped spots are just west of the capital, Banjul. But if you venture down the coast you might just stumble upon a whole line of great breaks.

As in Senegal the water here will get pretty cold in the last part of the season where you will need a spring suit or even a full wetsuit. In the first months of the swell season you might though be able to surf in nothing but your shorts. Swell season runs from September through to March.

Look out for…

There has been some tension in the Gambia, but that was more than 10 years ago. It seems to have calmed down by now, but check before you go.

Also beware of the risk of Malaria when you travel in Africa. Talk to your own doctor and read more in the Travel Tips section on this website under Malaria in Africa.

Visa to the Gambia

Most visitors don’t need a visa to enter the Gambia if they intend to stay less than 90 days.

The Gambia Surf Spots:

Senegambia Beach: Just west of the Senegambia Beach Hotel west of Banjul you will find a fun and consistently pumping beach break. Watch out for the current though.

Kololi Kotu and Kombo: Just south of Bijilo National Park west of Banjul you find this spot which might be the safest bet for swell around. You find the spot at the Kololi Beach Club.

Bator: In the southern end of the Gambia’s coast you’ll find a bay at Bator Sateh where you find both point and beach breaks. It’s quite a drive if you are situated in Banjul or at the resorts west of the capital, but it could be worth the drive. Do go explore the undiscovered coast on your way, if you decide to drive down here.


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